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It has been wonderful to attend assemblies and musters with all students in the last fortnight. The R-2, Year 3-6 and Senior School Musters have seen an array of student participation and presentation. It has been particularly uplifting to hear students of varying ages speak to the issue of mental health. I have said many times that one of the strengths of a single sex education is that every member of the community has the opportunity to be a part of normalising emotions and behaviours. The key being that we make a concerted and deliberate effort to normalise the right ones. Seeing so many boys speak to the issue of emotional literacy, reaching out and supporting each other was reassuring.

We continue to do all we can to ensure that the wider pandemic circumstances are managed in such a way that school programs are maximised. It is terrific to see the invitations to the Blue & White go out this week and the preparations for Year 9 Outdoor Education journey confirmed. Although slightly different with the restrictions on interstate travel, our students in Year 9 will experience a challenging and fun program.

It has also been wonderful so see so many Old Scholars on campus. Our Old Scholar lunch program has expanded this term with many past students returning for lunch in Da Costa Dining Hall every Thursday. The presence of Old Scholars in the midst of our current students is an important amplification of our connection to heritage and reinforces our values of Truth, Respect and Service.

Tim Browning