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Last week I was pleased to announce our participation in a new initiative with The University of Adelaide. As an alternative to the ATAR as a means for University entry, The University of Adelaide has agreed to offer early placements in a Bachelor degree in Engineering in 2019 for students studying Specialist Mathematics and IB Higher level Mathematics while achieving a B or C in Physics or Chemistry.

This is an exciting development and I am thrilled that my early conversations with the University of Adelaide regarding this important issue has resulted in this outcome, benefiting Saints students and students from across Adelaide. It is my hope this trial will have a wider impact in education across South Australia during the coming years.

Last Friday I was extended a very special invitation by the Year 2 students to attend the Reception – Year 2 Father’s Day Assembly in the Junior School Hall. I was delighted to be part of this very special assembly as it gave me the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a father and the importance of father figures in students’ lives. The Year 2 students had prepared some wonderfully refreshing and engaging questions for their “Interview with the Headmaster”. I only hope I did justice with my candid answers and dad jokes! This assembly was the last of a series of activities focused around Father’s Day, including the Junior School Read Around with Dad and the Senior School Father-Son Breakfast.

Congratulations to Casper Cai (Year 6) who has been confirmed as the Medal Winner for Year 6 for South Australia and Northern Territory for the ICAS Science Competition – a remarkable achievement. We also had some outstanding results at the 2018 Australian Geography Competition. I would like to congratulate Year 11 student Alexander Shierlaw in particular who placed in the top one percent of the country and will represent South Australia in Geography’s Big Week Out to be held on Kangaroo Island later this year.

Tim Browning