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Whilst delivering sage academic advice in his Academic Muster speech earlier this year our 2020 Dux of School, Shreyans Sinhal (SHT 2020) referenced his Year 10, Pushing the Boundaries 21-day expedition as one of the most significant experiences of his St Peter’s College education. During the moment (some rain and challenging terrain) he admitted it wasn’t easy, yet the experience was one he looks back on fondly, for the opportunity he had to build resilience, develop camaraderie among his peers and to forge a culture of pushing for the best.

Today our Year 8s return from their week-long adventure to Mt Crawford and I’ve no doubt they will recount stories of overcoming adversities similar to those of Shrey. It is entirely normal that our Year 8s felt anxious about embarking on their camp, as I am sure some of our Year 10s are feeling as they prepare for their 21-day journey in Week 8. To be successful in life we need to learn to live with a certain level of anxiety, to accept it and to keep moving forward. Making it onto the bus on day one may be the greatest challenge our Year 10s are facing in their schooling to date. To overcome the anxiety, I recommend starting by setting a goal to do just that. Make the bus and get on with your bag. Once you’re on the bus, set a goal to get to lunch, then after that make it through to setting up camp. Before you know it you’ll be back at school with plenty of stories to tell. Take solace in our Dux’s advice that getting on the bus on day one is a challenge well worth conquering.

Our Humanities Muster on Thursday highlighted how subjects such as History, Geography and Politics teach us about ourselves, each other and how we function as a society. The Muster also provided an opportunity to highlight that the direction the world is going to take during one’s life will be based upon the questions we are all willing to ask. To drive improvement in our society politically, socially and environmentally we first need to understand humanities and why things are so.

It was wonderful to witness the true House spirit of our Junior School students during their recent Cross Country Carnival with many older students running extra laps to support younger participants in crossing the finish line. For the first time our Reception to Year 2 students donned House t-shirts. It was intriguing to witness how the boys instantly felt a sense of belonging to their House community when wearing their new uniform.
This sense of belonging and camaraderie extended across our Community Day in the Senior School. It was a magnificent occasion for our House pastoral care, a system that is fundamental in promoting social, academic, spiritual and emotional wellbeing among our students.

Congratulations to Adam Goddard (Year 12) who has been selected in the Athletics Australia World Under 20 Championships representative team to compete on the Gold Coast in June. Adam will represent the nation in the 3000m event against the New Zealand Under 20 representative team and athletes from the Oceania region.

I also congratulate Year 12s Eton Williams and Aiden Donnevert on their outstanding performances at the All State Jazz Championships that earnt them a place in the prestigious National All-Star’s Band. Eton was also awarded Outstanding Soloist for his technical, musical and exemplary improvisation skills on the saxophone.

Tim Browning