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National Reconciliation Week is an important time of the year for all institutions in Australia. All students at St Peter’s College participated in National Reconciliation Week on campus recently via assemblies, our artists-in-residence programs and through mentor discussions. Some of our younger students find it challenging to connect with this meaningful week and it is the vital role of schools and community institutions to help them understand this issue and the importance of reconciliation. Intergenerational harm has affected first nations citizens since European colonisation, and as a community, it is essential we all understand our nation’s past and how we can actively contribute to a positive future for all Australians. This requires wide discussions and deep understanding, and to build a better future and stronger nation we must learn from the past. At St Peter’s College we are committed to reconciliation and our Reconciliation Action Plan focuses on all areas of School life from student wellbeing through to dedicated sections within the curriculum.

On Tuesday Ollie Heath (Year 1) made a special effort to pop by my office in the morning and deliver me a handwritten letter. Ollie is very concerned about waste and the state of our environment. His letter has sparked conversations across the School this week and it will be a topic of discussion at the next Energy Management Sustainability Group meeting. The School is also considering establishing a ‘war on waste committee’ and students and staff are encouraged to get involved. To register your interest, please email

In other news, our students performed particularly well at the South Australian Cross Country Championships at Oakbank yesterday. In the 14 years boys’ division, Jonathan Harris (Year 8) placed 1st and Archie Goodson (Year 8) placed 3rd. Our 14 years boys’ relay team of Jonathan Harris, Archie Goodson, Will Osborn and Oscar Hanisch (all Year 8) placed 2nd. In the 16 years event, Adam Goddard (Year 10) came 1st and Zac Connell (Year 11) placed 3rd. Well done to all the students who participated. Finally, congratulations to Anuk Kariyawasam (Year 12) who placed 2nd in the grand final of the 2019 Auction Idol Championships.

Tim Browning