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Blue Week, Intercol, and more!

This time of the year is busy for all members of our SPSC community, and for us, this has been particularly true. With our final full term as Captains coming to a rapid close, we can reflect on the hectic last few weeks, which have included organising our ninth annual Blue Week and spectating the various Intercol fixtures.

In Week 4 this term, we held our ninth annual Blue Week; a week dedicated to raising funds for Beyond Blue, a national mental health support organisation, to provide a platform to discuss strategies around protecting our own mental health and teach us about how to help others who may be struggling. During this week, we were pleased to carry on the traditions from previous years, including Muffins with your Mentor, and Staff vs Student competitions, as well as introduce our own initiatives such as the Blue Week Photomosaic (Check out Saints Captains on Instagram to see the artwork!). In Thursday’s Senior School Muster, we heard from an old scholar, Liam Cobain (WDK 2013), who spoke about strategies to protect our wellbeing, including connection and facilitation. Liam reflected on the connections that he fostered through his time at SPSC, and implored all of us to connect with those around us, and to lean on these special connections when we are struggling mentally. Connections allow us to talk about our well-being, and by facilitating productive conversations with those who speak up, we can help reduce instances of severe mental health issues including suicide, depression, and anxiety. We would like to thank Liam again for taking the time to come and give these important lessons to our senior boys. Thank you to everyone who supported and involved themselves with the various events of this week, we hope you enjoyed it and continue to engage positively with discussions around protecting our wellbeing.

Our 151st annual Winter Intercollegiate fixtures against PAC took place last week, which involved some truly thrilling contests between our schools. The Winter Intercol is a significant milestone in our Winter Sports season because of the strong rivalry that exists between SPSC and PAC. This rivalry motivates both schools to continue to pursue excellence in their co-curricular endeavours, thus proving mutually beneficial on our pathway to broader state and national competitions. The Intercol never fails to produce two teams, who have worked hard all season, who battle it out in a close contest. This year we brought home some notable victories, and we would like to congratulate all boys who participated; whether it was a win or loss for your fixture, you all played with grit and a determination to perform at your best, and you should be proud of your efforts this season. It was fantastic to be a part of this year where we managed to bring home the Winter Intercol overall, winning five of the eight fixtures!

These are just a couple of highlights from our busy start to Term 3, which has also seen the SALA Exhibition, Book Week, and many other exciting activities take place. While the end is nearing, we are keen to make the most of the time we have left, and finish this term and year strongly.

Chirath Lekamge and Aidan Hughes
School Captains