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What a term it has been!

While faced with many interruptions, we have seen our community continue to embrace the importance of adaptability in all that we do. Despite these interruptions, we have been thrilled to continue with many of our initiatives, and it has been great to see the school-wide involvement in all of these.

This year, we as Captains have made it clear that our main objective is to continue the mission of enhancing positive student culture and House engagement. This term, we have been working hard on a couple of projects that we think will work to achieve this aim. To further promote inclusive engagement within house activities, the Captains’ Cup was established, a recreational inter-house accolade awarded for the strongest cultural spirit. This cup will be awarded at the end of the year to the house that accumulates the most points from several ‘Captains’ Challenges’ throughout the year. After ‘Challenge 1: The Trickshot Video’, Farr House stands on top of the standings with 10 points, narrowly ahead of DaCosta House in second and Short House in third place.

Over the last six months, we have been in the planning stages of a new project that we hope will act as the cultural hub of St Peter’s College into its future. This initiative is the ‘Saints Student Association’. Managed by the School Captains and the six School Prefects, this association would be concerned with providing robust structure and governance for all student and staff clubs and societies, alongside organising recreational events to enhance student belonging and wellbeing throughout the year. For the first time, students will have direct access to creating their own clubs and societies that interest them; this will pave the way to enhancing peer camaraderie, promoting inclusion, and improving the culture within our school. We are excited to unveil this project, which has been in the works for some time, early in Term 2.

It has been amazing to see the enthusiasm across our year levels throughout the Summer Intercol season; with fierce competition in all of our fixtures, we are incredibly proud of the efforts of our boys when representing Saints and their sports. Similarly, we must commend all crews on their efforts in the 100th Head of the River, with crews seeing great success from our Juniors to our First VIII, who claimed their seventh consecutive Head of the River title. We look onwards with excitement as we prepare to host the Winter Intercol season here at Saints!

In Week 11, we are looking forward to all things swimming! With the Junior School Swimming Carnival on Tuesday the 12th of April and Middle Years Swimming trials on Wednesday the 13th of April. We are excited to go along and support our junior boys along with our School Prefects on Tuesday! Additionally, we are looking forward to distributing the Hot Cross Buns per our annual fundraiser to support the Anglican Board of Mission’s Anglicans in Development group. This year, we have focussed our proceeds on helping the Al Ahli Arab hospital to help child nutrition in the Gaza Strip through the ABM – thank you to all students and staff who have taken part in this fundraiser!

As we near the school holidays, we wish all staff, students and families have a safe and restful break!

Thank you all for your continued support.

Chirath Lekamge and Aidan Hughes
School Captains