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Clean Up Australia Day – Kaurna Park Wetlands

Last weekend we visited the Kaurna Park Wetlands along with Ms Antonia Mackay, our new head of Service Learning, and five School Prefects, who dedicated their Sunday, in addition to their Year 12 studies, to come and help clean up the wetlands. Organised and initiated by Conservation Volunteers Australia, the #CleanUpAustraliaDay project is aimed at identifying the primary sources of litter in the parks, rivers and beaches throughout Australia.

Over the course of two hours, the SPSC group, equipped with large potato sacks and litter-grabbers, collected approximately 30kg of rubbish that alternatively would have made its way to the ocean, killing marine life or disrupting ecosystems in the process.

We want this event to be the start of something more for our SPSC community. Being hands-on in this way reminded our group that much of our waste does not disappear; we barely scratched the surface of the litter that existed throughout the wetlands; however, we hope that we were able to make a positive impact on the day.

Moving forward, we hope to spread further awareness about this significant issue. Moreover, we wish to push our students further to engage in meaningful action and awareness efforts to help reduce the impact of plastics and rubbish in our communities.

We want to thank Conservation Volunteers Australia for allowing us to experience the true extent of the damage that can be created directly from our use of single-use plastics and personal waste control habits. We hope to engage in Conservation Volunteer Australia’s fantastic programs in the future, that so clearly benefit our environment and communities.

More photos and videos are available to view on the @saintscaptains Instagram page!

Chirath Lekamge and Aidan Hughes
School Captains