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The Second Leg of the Race

Firstly, we would like to express our gratitude to all of the families that supported our annual Hot Cross Bun fundraiser at the end Term1. It was a marathon effort to finalise the project on our end, with COVID-19 related complications forcing us to alter our plan in the final week. We cannot thank you all enough for remaining patient and supporting us during this time. We would also like to thank Norwood Foodland for partnering with us again this year, and for persevering through their own staff shortages in order to maintain the timeline of delivery to our campus.

Our Deputy Head of Senior School – Students, Mr Savage, presented our Year 12 students with the analogy of the school year being similar to a 400m race. Aptly, every 100m represents one of the four school terms. Having completed our own Year 12 studies in 2021, this analogy holds a great reality. Term 2 is potentially one of the busiest periods of the year, especially for our senior students; with the commencement of the winter sports season, deadlines for SATs ramping up and the novelty and excitement of a new year beginning to wear off. Reflecting on our graduating year, we have a few elements of advice that may be useful to any students reading this article…

Firstly, energy conservation is key. It is all well and good to explode out of the blocks in the first 100m, but now pacing is crucial. Going too hard during this time risks burnout, and conversely, not putting in enough will run the risk of falling short as the finish line approaches. This intricate balance is not one you must get right immediately, but it requires a concerted effort to balance your commitments in all aspects of your life. Getting these good routines in place early will make crunch time much easier to manage; importantly, it also allows you to be adaptable. If we can set positive, balanced, organised and consistent efforts in place, even if there is an unexpected complication, and you’re falling back in the race, you have set up the hard work early on to help you recover and recoup. It is never too late, until it is.

Secondly, seeking support is paramount. Our exceptional staff here at SPSC continue to go above and beyond to help us succeed. However, this requires you to take the first step and engage in this conversation proactively. Furthermore, our door is always open if there is anything you wish to chat about; whilst we may not have all the answers, we can empathise with what you are going through.

We wish all students the best of luck in this busy term! We are looking forward to the fantastic effort of all of our students, and we are continually excited to see this community thrive.

Chirath Lekamge and Aidan Hughes
School Captains