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Term 1 has started with our Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball and Year 3 Basketball teams showing good respect to their opposition, coaches and each individual sport as expected by Mrs Taylor.

On the Cricket field the new ‘Bowling Factory’ practice sessions, driven by Head of Cricket Mr Borgas, are starting to make a difference. Week on week our boys have shown improvements in their confidence, technique and success when they take their turns running down the wicket. We have won a few, lost a few more with some very close games. In all the atmosphere is building and the culture around the morning tea table is a celebration of kindness and sharing with opposition teams.

On the Tennis court our new Teacher Coordinator Ms Harvey, along with Head Coach Todd Perry, has been tireless in providing opportunities for so many boys to practice and play competition Tennis on a weekly basis. Results have been more wins than losses and the boys are certainly improving and enjoying the experience.

On the Volleyball court, in the Junior School Hall, our two teams have been enjoying winning so far. The competition is fierce but friendly, with the atmosphere in so many teams visiting, inspiring for all.

The Year 3 Basketball teams are also providing an amazingly positive experience in a competition only three terms old. Our four teams more than ‘hold their own’ with players from our Year 2 Development program starting to ‘break in’ and holding their own against tough competition.

In Senior Badminton, five of our Year 6 boys are playing against high school aged boys on a weekly basis for SPSC Senior Teams. Well done to Elijah Lee, Poli Guo, Ryan Nie, Vihaan Pabbathi and Advik Sinkar for stepping up.

Well done to parents, teachers, coaches and participants for starting off the season so positively.

Kevin McCormack
Head of Sport (Junior School)