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Term 3 has seen a number of events return to the School calendar that were previously cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. This has lead to growing excitement among the student body as we quickly head towards some of the year’s most important milestone events, including the Intercols and the 2020 Blue and White.

Although some boys may rightfully feel swamped by all the events that have returned, there is a refreshed appreciation for these events, their important roles in the school year and in building our community. This is especially relevant considering the unfortunate circumstances that other states’ schools may be in, where these events are being cancelled. We continue to encourage boys to make the most of these events as we approach the end of the academic year. 

Once again, we’d like to thank, on behalf of the boys, those within the Saints community that are going above and beyond to salvage events that may have been otherwise cancelled, and to make other events, such as the Intercol and Blue and White, even bigger and better. We look forward to seeing our St Peter’s College teams play PAC next fortnight, and wish both sides all the best for their preparation and performance. We would also like to remind Year 11 and 12s to purchase their formal tickets, so we can celebrate the year together in a spectacular, classy and extravagant fashion!

Oliver Cobain
School Vice-Captain