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The Gardening Club reached its first fundraising milestone this week raising $100 from its produce table, to be donated to Anglicare Elizabeth Mission. Thank you to all the Gardening Club customers.

Please tell your family and friends that fruit and vegetables can be purchased from the Junior School at the front desk. This week the Gardening Club picked some of the produce that had grown over the long summer months. Look out for the pumpkins that are ripening in the sun and will be available in the coming weeks.

The last of the summer tomatoes have been harvested and the boys planted late-season tomatoes ready for the cooler months. The boys also planted kale seeds ready to plant in autumn and we have received some lovey and juicy peaches from Mrs Ceri Slinger’s peach tree.

Thank you to the School Gardening department, and especially Mr Joseph Mangong, for helping to prepare the empty beds ready for planting autumn and winter vegetables. With the addition of new soil, cow manure, and dynamic lifter there is sure to be tasty and healthy crops. In the coming weeks we will be planting carrots, beans, kale, cabbage, spinach and much more.

The Junior School Gardening Club is each Wednesday and Friday morning at 8.00am. Parents are welcome as well as boys from Reception to Year 6. No need to sign up, just come when you can!