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I had the pleasure of taking my eldest son Harry to the Crows AFLW Grand Final last Sunday. Like so many in attendance we were astounded by the number of people who poured through the gates before the game and over the course of the match. This tribute from the South Australian public for a team of women who have dominated their competition at the highest level this season was spectacular and fitting.

To me, as the crowd continued to grow and grow it was symbolic of the statement that we must be making to all realms of society about the ever-present need to continually push for gender equality in our world. This is a voice that is growing stronger and stronger. As the crowd swelled it appeared an unstoppable metaphor for the growing understanding we have about why this issue is so important.

Pleasingly for me as a father I heard no comments from Harry throughout the match about the gender of the players we were watching. The comments were about the game. For him, we were just at another game of footy. He was fully absorbed by the spectacle and the standard of the game, and the excitement of seeing his club performing so well in the Grand Final. Full credit to the AFL for the work they have put into the AFLW, which has created such a visible platform for schools and families to endorse the message of gender equality.

As a school for boys we are both empowered and obliged to ensure our young men graduate as citizens who are respectful of all girls and women, who are mindful of the imperative of gender equality, and fully committed to a society where discrimination based on gender no longer exists. In the family context I encourage you all to share your stories, and in this way support your sons to be significant contributors to the breaking down of gender inequality.

James Tamblyn
Head of Middle Years