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Considered one of the world’s best school-based music events, the Generations in Jazz Festival is a highlight on our music calendar. Across the weekend our talented team of 100 students and staff joined over 4000 aspiring musicians from across Australia to compete for awards at the GiJ Festival.

In what was a significant national achievement our Big Band 1 took out the top award in the Stage Band Awards. Additionally, we congratulate all our students and ensembles for their achievements, reflecting the hard work, determination and talent of our musicians and music staff.

Division 1 Stage Band Awards
Big Band 1 – Directed by Max Grynchuk 1st Place (best Big Band in the country!) of 11 bands
Best Rhythm Section

Future Finalists (best solos)
Johnny Turner, Alto Sax (second year in a row)
Loyd Williams, Drums
Joey Yan, Piano

Superband (best students from each school in their division)
Johnny Turner, Lead Alto Sax (third year in a row)
Oscar Kleinig, Trumpet 5
Ned Manifold, Trombone 3
Quinn Murphy, Bass

Division 2.1 Stage Band Awards
Big Band 2 – Directed by Luke White
11th out of 14
(2023 result was 17th out of 19)

Division 3.1 Stage Band Awards
Big Band 3 – Directed by Beth Lyon
12th out of 24
(2023 result was 15th out of 17 in Division 4)

Division 4+ Stage Band Awards
Big Band 4 – Directed by Jordan Noble
14th out of 22
(First time in a competitive division)

Division 2 Large Vocal Ensemble Awards
Large Jazz Vocal Ensemble – Directed by Ciara Ferguson
15th out of 33
(2023 result was 21st out of 22)

Division 2 Small Vocal Ensemble Awards
Small Jazz Vocal Ensemble – Directed by Ciara Ferguson
8th out of 15
(2023 result was 4th out of 4 in Division 1)

Small Jazz Combo Section 1
Jazz Combo 2
13th out of 23
(new ensemble first time in this section)

Jazz Combo 1
15th out of 23
(10th out of 20)