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In June we saw the return of the German Film Festival, ‘KINO for Kids’ at the Palace East End Cinemas in Adelaide. Years 8, 9 and 12 German classes experienced a selection of mostly newly-released films, with English subtitles.

Year 9s were the first to visit the cinema and watched a fast-paced film about adolescents involved in bike training, family expectations and friendships. It was set in the most picturesque area of the Austrian Alps. The students were also exposed to smatterings of the Tyrolian dialect.

The film ‘A Voluntary Year’ was aimed at senior German students and explored the uncertainty experienced by a student following the completion of school, as one steps out into adult life and discovers direction in life. It gave the students a lot to think about and formed the basis of a film review for some classes.

Last to visit the cinema, the Year 8s watched a mystery film called ‘Max und die Wilden 7’ about an unusual pairing between some elderly residents at an aged home and young ‘detectives’ to solve a series of mysterious thefts. It was a delightful film and the students really enjoyed the story and understood some of the German words.

There is no doubt that hearing German outside the classroom extends the students’ understanding of the language and culture of the German-speaking countries, resulting in a broader perspective in language learning.

Monica McCauley
Coordinator of German