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The German Society is an excellent student-run initiative created to provide students with German activities outside of normal classes. This includes German films, kahoots, quizzes, board games, German table tennis, and of course Deutsches Essen (German food).

At lunch time on Thursday of Week 5, we resumed our German Society with the Year 12s offering the younger students games and assistance with any German work. The session was attended by 13 students ranging from Year 10 to Year 12. Kahoots and friendly conversation were the order of the day in addition to the consumption of a variety of German snacks. Winners of the competitions took home German-themed prizes.

Despite our different year levels, backgrounds and understanding of the culture, it’s good to meet together with a common interest. Personally, I think the German society is a great opportunity to broaden our German learning and interact with like-minded German students. I highly encourage all interested students to come along and get involved with some German culture.

Thanks to the Year 12 committee for organising the meeting.

Jeremy Beale (Year 11)