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German Day Out

During the last week of Term 1, German students from Years 10 and 11 once again had the opportunity to attend the German Day Out run by the German Department at the Adelaide University. This event was cancelled last year, due to the Covid restrictions, so we were pleased to once again take part.

Senior students from 10 different schools teaching German attended. They took part in various German activities, workshops and games in mixed school groups. There were also talks from present and past University students and tutors, who related their experiences with learning and using German beyond school.

A morning tea including German pretzels and strudel and lunch were provided by the University. By the afternoon, the students enjoyed being able to relax by watching a popular teenage film in German.

These experiences are invaluable in motivating students’ learning as well as seeing how students in other schools also, at times, struggle with using the language. Additionally, it allows students to see how far they, themselves have already come in their own learning.

A German TraditionEaster Egg Colouring

On the Thursday before Easter, German students in Years 7 had much fun experiencing the German tradition of Easter Egg colouring. They also learned that traditionally it is Easter Hare (not Bunny) who delivers Easter eggs.

Students brought hard-boiled eggs to the German lesson and participated in a practical egg colouring session. Despite a small number of the eggs experiencing accidents in transit, I was impressed with how carefully the boys managed their fragile cargo. They were enthusiastic in their experimentation of colours and patterns and found out how they could easily colour eggs for themselves at home.

The students also researched German Easter traditions and practices and made cards with German messages to their families.

Monica McCauley
Coordinator of German