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The German Society aims to foster intercultural understanding through food, sports, movie, board games and other cultural activities.

In 2018, the German Society conducted fortnightly meetings and ended the year with a successful German lunch. This year we are looking to diversify our activities and make it a society where students from all Year levels feel welcome.

To start year we invited Senior School students to watch Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt), a German thriller about a woman who needs to obtain 100,000 Deutschmark in twenty minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. This was accompanied by some German Gemütlichkeit in the form of pretzels and biscuits. The members of the society found the movie exhilarating with the aim to improve their German listening skills.

Next term we will be conducting fortnightly German Society meetings, which will include activities such as European handball, quizzes, board games, movies and discussions around our next celebration of German cuisine!

I encourage all Senior School students to join the society, have fun and learn more about German culture.

George Karassoulos (Year 12)