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Aller Anfang ist schwer.”(All beginnings are hard).

As with anything, beginning something is always that hardest part of an endeavour, notwithstanding, it is also the most enjoyable and rewarding part of starting anything new. The German Club was able to host its first meeting of the year with a quiz consisting of general knowledge questions about Germany, a few traditional German snacks, kindly provided by Mr Swanson and Ms McCauley, and some cracking grammar questions that bested even the man who wrote the quiz himself. With 6 avid German learning members attending, it was a humble beginning for the 2021 year.

However, “Rom ist auch nicht an einem Tag erbaut worden” (Rome wasn’t built in one day) and with more activities such as board games and movie sessions planned for the near and not so distant future, we have our hopes that the German Club will grow and spread German culture beyond the classrooms at Saints.

Eric You and Jarvis Zhao
Year 12 students