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Respectful Relationships
It has been constructive to have Dr Tessa Opie founder of In Your Skin and her team work with our Year 6 students, staff and parents this week, continuing conversations about respectful relationships. Dr Opie explored concepts of boundaries, bystander behaviour, consent and online safety with our students. I was proud of the way in which the boys were able to discuss the type of ‘peer culture’ that we should aspire to and what the term ‘mutual’ means when you are in a relationship.

The conversation around consent and respectful relationships doesn’t need to wait until adolescence. At St Peter’s College we start in the ELC where we are teaching boys that no means no. Being able to understand that although someone wanted to play chasey with you yesterday, doesn’t mean they want to play chasey with you today or tomorrow, and that is okay, is a foundational understanding when it comes to relationships and consent.

As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, we have worked with Act For Kids, looking at developing the language and strategies for boys to ask for help if they don’t feel safe. Protective practices are as important for our young men as young women. 

URStrong is a framework we use throughout the Junior School for talking about healthy relationships and further developing boys’ ability to talk about friendships. We focus on four friendship facts: that no friendship is perfect, every friendship is different, trust and respect are the two most important qualities of a friendships and friendships change and that is okay.

The wellbeing of our young people is of utmost importance and through our relationships and wellbeing programs, we hope that our boys will have the strategies and skills to establish healthy, respectful relationships whilst at school and in their lives beyond school.

Katie Carey 
Many of you will know our incredible Music Teacher, Katie Carey, and have noticed that she hasn’t been on campus this term. I am overjoyed to let you know that after being on a waitlist for a liver transplant, Katie received a new liver two weeks ago and defying the expectations of medical staff, was discharged from hospital on Tuesday. We are so grateful for the care her medical team has provided and know that you will join me in wishing Katie all the best in her ongoing recovery.
Thank you to Melissa Gorroick who has stepped in to cover Katie’s teaching load including ELC, choirs and class music. We are incredibly lucky to have Katie onboard! 

Jazz@The Gov
Congratulations to all the boys who performed in the Junior School Swing Band at Jazz@The Gov on Thursday night. They should be incredibly proud of the level at which they performed, more than holding their own alongside Senior School ensembles.

Car Park Safety
There was an incident on Monday evening where a car attempted to enter the Junior School staff car park through an exit point clearly marked with ‘No Entry’ signs. In view of keeping our community safe please ensure you follow road signage.

Dates for the Diary

Date Event Time Location
Tuesday 17 August  Year 1 Excursion to Glenelg Beach  All day  Glenelg
Thursday 19 August  Adrian Beck Author in Residence Years 3  to 5  9.00am – 2.00pm 
Friday 20 August  Years 3 to 6 Assembly 9.00am  Memorial Hall
Friday 20 August  Reception to Year 2 Assembly 2.30pm  Junior School Hall
Monday 23 August  Book Week Parade and Picnic  8.45am  Girdlestone Oval
Tuesday 24 August  Open Morning  9.00am
Wednesday 25 August  ELC Photos  9.00 – 12.00 noon
Thursday 26 August  ELC Photos  9.00 – 12.00 noon 

Please remember that my door is always open and that I always welcome your feedback and questions.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School