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Character is what you do when nobody is watching. These words have  been reiterated by Mr Scott during my time at Saints. He always played the disciplinarian role, for instance, making sure that our uniforms were always up to standard. Socks up, shirts in! Whilst this can seem to be  trivial, Mr Scott never overlooks these small aspects. As the years went by, I came to appreciate his attention to detail and integrity to do the right thing. It reflects his character.

Needless to say, Mr Scott has left a lasting impression on my educational journey. He had been an encouraging junior basketball coach, an inspirational service-learning coordinator and a supportive mentor. Before he departs for his long-service leave in semester 2, I wish to take this final opportunity to recognise the tremendous positive impacts he has had not only on me, but also on many of my peers. We have become better people because of his integrity, service and role modelling over the years.

Similarly, the student body wish to acknowledge the numerous contributions Mr Hanisch has made over the past three years. His strong passion for diversity and equality has placed social issues such as Indigenous reconciliation, woman’s rights and homophobia at the forefront of our learning. He also worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the artistic endeavours at Saints. Mr Hanisch  always made time to listen and  pursued what he felt was best for our School. I know the student body will miss his forthright attitude and his strong presence. We  wish him well in his new role at Melbourne Grammar School.

Highlights in the Senior School from the past fortnight includes the year 9 Co-Ed day, the Year 10 21-day Flinders Ranges journey, as well as a convincing victory in the first round of the prefect netball games against Saints Girls.

In the Junior School, I would  like to thank the many Year 5 boys who have shared their excellent narratives with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed them so far and look forward to reading all the remaining ones in the upcoming school holidays. Well done to the Year 3 to 6 students for competing with great spirit in the Minute to Win it competition. The atmosphere was electric! Finally, the Year 6 students deserve full credit for their preparation and implementation of an outstanding Anglican Charities Day Fundraiser. The stalls on display were  unique and creative – all students should be proud of their efforts raising funds for people most in need in our wider community.

I would also like to mention an inspirational student – Evan Nguyen (Year 6). Despite his illness, Evan maintains a positive outlook and was deservingly recognised as the Junior School Co-Captain of Hockey. It was such a moving occasion when he received his badge in the assembly a fortnight ago. I was so impressed by his beautifully worded email asking for support for his group’s stall at the Anglican Charities Day. This gesture showcased his caring nature and his true leadership qualities of teamwork and concern for others.

Thank you all for your support this term and I wish you a happy and safe holiday. My best wishes to Year 12s as they prepare for the gruelling but invaluable trial examination period.

David Quan
Vice Captain