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What a celebration of House Sport! Certainly a reminder of how exciting the sport of Track and Field can be. Five new records set with many other amazing performances achieved. 

Following a three week build up, we arrived at the Carnival of House Athletics with a week of scheduled lunchtime events and on Friday 22nd September, the House Athletics Day. During the three weeks, boys from all year levels were offered multiple opportunities to trial and to receive coaching from our expert discipline specialists.  

6300 trial entries appeared on our spreadsheets. What this figure doesn’t allow for, is the number of times many of the boys attempted to improve on their trial performances. This figure is undoubtedly a wonderfully positive demonstration of the House System’s ongoing success in general, inclusive of all people and programs within it. 

Like with House Swimming and Cross Country, the program allowed for boys of all abilities to actively participate. The diverse schedule, once again, allowed the elite to demonstrate their abilities, but at the same time welcomed mass participation. 

Congratulations to the following Award Winners, Runners Up, new Record holders and Houses on their achievements.  

 Age Champions   

Age Group  Champion/s  Runner Up 
U13  George Bass  Charles Johnson/Ned Noakes 
U14  Oliver Kirkness/Ryan Weinert  Joint Winners 
U15  Hugo Bower  Lachlan Estcourt Hughes 
U16  Sandro Purugganan  Lawson Jones/Bailey Kerr 
U17  Gman Paye  Albert Howard 
Open  Ian Irwin/Henry Maerschel  Joint Winners 


Award Winners 








A.K. Gordon Trophy   

Joint Winners 


Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd 

Gman Paye 

Sandro Purugganan 



See new records set below 


C.I. Taylor Medal 


Jonathan Harris   

Open 1500m Champion 


New Records  

Name   Event   New Record   Previous Record   Previous Record Holder   Year  
Farr House  Open Swedish Relay  2min 08.00 sec  2min 11.00 sec  Howard House  2014 
Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd  U/16 1500m  4min 12.90 sec  4 min 13.70 sec  J. R. S. Harris  2021 
Gman Paye 


U17 100m 


11.30 sec 

Equals Previous Record 

11.30 sec 

Dual Record Holders 

L. R. Whittaker 

M.B. Frayne 



Gman Paye  U17 400m  51.40 sec  51.90 sec  R. J. Faull  1974 
Sandro Purugganan  U16 Triple Jump  13.33 m  13.13 m  H.M. Frayne  2006 
Sandro Purugganan  U 16 Long Jump  6.77 m  6.50 m  W.L. Dawes  1947 


It’s worth noting Ian Irwin’s Open 100m was clocked at 10.9 sec. While not eclipsing the present record of 10.7 sec held by M.B. Frayne (Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games), it remains an amazing performance.  

Alex McClure exceeded the U16 Triple Jump record set in 2006 by H.M. Frayne (Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games), only to be out jumped moments later by Sandro Purugganan.   

House Champions   

Junior House Cup   
Placing  House  Point Score 
1st  Woodcock  15,038 
2nd  Young   14,451 
3rd  Da Costa  13,357 


Senior House Cup 
Placing  House  Point Score 
1st  Farr  15,805 
2nd  Da Costa  15,170 
3rd  Howard  13,856 


Champion House  
Placing  House  Point Score 
1st  Farr  28,865 
2nd  Da Costa  28,527 
3rd  Woodcock  27,256 


 Mr. Tony Checker
Athletics Head Coach and Carnivals Coordinator