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Congratulations to all students who competed in the event. All managed to complete the relevant course well within the designated cut off times. It was pleasing to note numerous non-participating students offering their House representatives positive vocal support.

60 Senior House competitors (Years 10 to 12) completed a 6km course while 59 Junior House competitors (Years 7 to 9) completed a 4km course, both course around a 2km loop of the School grounds. Once again, we were treated to several outstanding performances and many amazing personal achievements.

House Results

House  Senior House Placing Junior House Placing
Da Costa 4 10
Farr 1 4
Farrell 8 1
Hawkes 10 9
Howard 7 3
MacDermott 9 7
School & Allen 3 6
Short 6 8
Woodcock 2 5
Young 5 2

A special congratulations to Farr House on winning the Senior House category and Farrell House the Junior House category.

Congratulations to the following boys on their top three placings.

Senior House

1.       Jonathon Harris (Farr House)
2.       Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd (Farr House)
3.       Ben Francou (Da Costa House)

Junior House

1.       Harvey Crane (School & Allen House)
2.       Shreyus Arramraj (Farrell House)
3.       Oliver Kirkness (Farr House)

None of this could have taken place without the

  1. enthusiasm and leadership of the House staff,
  2. Staff and prefects who volunteered their services as event officials,
  3. the support received from the Grounds staff, Marketing and Communications, Natalie Worster (administration) and the
  4. involvement of Cross-Country coaching staff.

My sincere thanks to you all.

We can now look forward to the House Athletics Program and interschool Track and Field competitions, inclusive of the Achilles Cup.

Tony Checker 
Athletics Head Coach and Carnivals Coordinator