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On Wednesday in Week 8, all ten Houses took part in the 2021 House Mooting Competition. In preparation for the first round Old Scholars Blake Lawrenson (Farrell 2019) and Henry Allen (Farr 2019), provided all the teams with a Barristers Tips session based on their many years of experience with not only House Mooting but also with the State Law Society Mooting Competition.
All Houses based their legal arguments on a classic negligence case, in very heavily contested moots which were won by fine margins. One team won by half a point! Short, Howard and Farrell have guaranteed spots in the semi-final, whilst Farr and School & Allen will be battling it out for the final spot in Term 2.
The St Peter’s College Mooting Captains hope that all students enjoyed their experience with House Mooting and wish to continue with the school mooting team in the future.

Jonty Davies, Harry Mintz and Chamith Waragoda
Year 12 Students