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Our renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) programme has enjoyed considerable success over the years as our graduates pursue world-class opportunities domestically and globally.

On the leadership committee for The Cambridge Union, old scholar and IB alumni David Quan (HWK 2019) orchestrated a highly praised interview with Guinness World Record holder ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks. Joe has inspired millions of families to exercise and prioritise their mental health and has attracted over 100 million YouTube views during lockdown alone. During this insightful hour-long discussion they explored inspiring topics from online businesses and education to mental health and serving the wider community.

Wicks concluded that: ‘This has been the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever had. You [David] are so well researched and asked some really great questions… you should definitely be an investigative journalist!’

Full interview:

Earning this rare opportunity through a competitive selection, David credits his holistic St Peter’s education and the community service ethos of the rigorous IB programme. The interview touched on his diverse learning from the IB’s Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) considerations.

Founded in 1815 and now with over 70 000 life members, The Cambridge Union is the oldest continuously running debating and free speech society. Recent speakers have included Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Julia Gillard, while President Ronald Reagan, Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and John Major have all addressed the Chamber. Former student leaders of The Cambridge Union moreover include celebrated businesswomen Arianna Huffington and economist John Maynard Keynes.

Congratulations David for your exemplary efforts and uplifting messages!

I would strongly encourage our current students to contemplate the extraordinary possibilities of a rigorous and holistic IB education on an international scale.

Paul Hadfield, IB Coordinator, is always open to a discussion.

Paul Hadfield
IB Diploma Coordinator