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Many of our students volunteered to challenge themselves in the International Chemistry Quiz earlier this year and I am honoured to share the outstanding results across the year levels. It was especially pleasing to see Year 10 students Oscar Page, Gunin Sinhal, and Darren Nguyen put up their hand to participate in the quiz, as it was purely voluntary.

The following boys were highlighted by the ICQ for their excellence:

  • Darren Nguyen in Year 10 achieved a High Distinction EXCELLENCE award. He achieved 100% for his paper – he is only one of two students in South Australia to do this.
  • Xian Huang in Year 12 (IB) achieved a High Distinction EXCELLENCE award – he is one of the top students in the school, the state, and Australia. His school, state, and national percentile is 100.
  • Tom Hosking in Year 12 (SACE) achieved a High Distinction EXCELLENCE award – he is in the top 1% of students in the state and the top 2% of students in Australia.

It is worth noting that our students were tested on Chemistry curriculum delivered in the eastern states, which is a little different from the SA Chemistry curriculum in certain areas – this shows the high level of reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving displayed by all students who participated.

For a full list of individual achievements click here.

Congratulations to all of our students. We look forward to acknowledging their achievements with the presentation of certificates at a future Muster.

Marie Daziani
Chemistry Subject Coordinator