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During the Term 1 school holidays, approximately 30 boys from Years 1 to 3 attended the 2024 International Chinese Language Day celebration at the Adelaide Zoo Panda Habitat. Along with nearly 100 boys, their parents, grandparents, and friends from our school, there were about 300 audience members and visitors who witnessed this event to express their love and passion for Panda “Wangwang” and “Funi,” as well as Chinese language and culture. 18 boys from our school performed the panda song “Hua Hua de Ge” and a panda tongue twister in Chinese. They absolutely did an amazing job, and you could see how proud their families were.

Mr Storer also attended the event as a VIP, handing out panda hats and panda backpacks to the prize winners who answered the quiz questions correctly. Many boys, and even their parents, participated in the quiz and won adorable panda prizes, as we have been learning so much about this incredible creature.

Pandas open a fantastic gateway to discovering China as a country, the Chinese people, Chinese culture, and Chinese wildlife. Visitors also enjoyed various Chinese cultural activities at the panda habitat before and after the performances. The event lasted for more than three hours and created many happy and memorable moments for everyone.

Mrs Shelby Baker
Junior School Chinese Language teacher/ Specialists Coordinator