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In the St Peter’s community there are over 30 languages which are spoken on a daily basis. Some of these languages are a native language whilst others are being learnt as a second or even a third language. To celebrate International Mother Language Day students shared their cultural knowledge and backgrounds with the aim of developing a fuller awareness of cultural traditions across the globe. Students also discussed the impact of languages in danger of disappearing altogether.

Our School Captain and Vice Captain prepared a daily language challenge for the boys to engage in during Mentor time which provoked deeper conversations about respecting cultural diversity and language. On the 19 February we held a multi-lingual muster in front of the entire Senior School. Thank you to the senior boys and staff who spoke in their mother tongues or second languages: Orson Stawiraski (Badimaya), Lachlan Jenkins (Spanish), Ms O’Loughlin (Welsh), David Wang (Chinese), Julian Mortimer (French), Will Subramanian (Italian), Link Ryan (German) and Arsh Pattnaik (Hindi.) Special thanks go to our teaching staff for telling jokes in another tongue: Ms van Rensberg (Afrikaans), Ms Skujins and Ms Daziani (Greek), Mr Tignali (Italian), Ms Christensen (Spanish). I also addressed the audience in a medley of German, French and Spanish. The Muster was expertly closed in Welsh and English by Mr Blackburn.

Our final celebration was a tongue twister competition at the start of Week 5. Eight Junior School boys from Year 1 to Year 5 performed in Chinese. The Year 7 students also showcased their talents in French and Chinese. The First Place Chinese Awards went to Poli Guo in Year 2 and Jeff Rozenbilds in Year 7. The Year 7 French winner was Alex Piscioneri. Well done to all boys who took part!

Mrs Spiby
Head of Languages.