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On Thursday 24 May, St Peter’s and Prince Alfred College took part in the annual International Social Event. This has become an eagerly anticipated event on the international student calendar and this year was no different. With an increase in international students at Saints, 2018 was the first year that Saints could match the sheer number of Princes students. Saints was warmly welcomed by the Headmaster of Prince Alfred College, Mr Bradley Fenner and the Captain of International Students, Jack Cai before the evening’s matches began.

Saints could not match the height and strength of the Princes team. Inconsistent shooting, coupled with less ability at rebounding meant that Princes had the jump on us from the start. But a never give up attitude meant that Saints kept coming back to try to match the Princes players. Under the leadership of Benjamin Teng (Year 10), the team made some inroads, but we just couldn’t match the clearly better team.

Table tennis
The strength of our table tennis team has increased over the years and this year Saints blew Princes out of the water with a commanding victory of 19 – 2. Simon Zhang (Year 12), Table Tennis Captain on the night and Open A1 Table Tennis Player, led the Saints team to victory with his strength on paddle and his positive leadership.

Indoor Soccer
Saints went in to the Indoor Soccer with a smaller team, mainly made up of Year 10 students, in comparison to a much older Princes team. An unfortunate concession of goals in the first half meant that Saints were always behind, but they continued to put in their best efforts. Raphael Woo (Year 10) captained the team to the best of his ability. A special mention to Daniel Nguyen (Year 8) who was the youngest player on the night and managed to stop a bullet shot at goal from a First XI Prince’s player.

Saints and Princes fought closely matched games to eventually come out victorious by only 1 point. A great range of abilities meant that Saints had strength at the top, but struggled in the middle, while winning some of the lower level games. Ably lead by Louis Lau ( Year 12), the boys showed immense courage across their matches to finally win overall.

Saints and Princes finished the evening with 2 wins each. Afterwards Princes welcomed all event participants for a light supper and to share a thank you from both teams. Thank you to Miss Sally Ziniak, Ms Fangfang Qiu, Mrs Monica McCauley and Mr Joel Baker for their supervision and assistance on the evening. No doubt Saints will look towards hopeful victory in 2019.

Sally Ziniak
Coordinator of EALD