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On 14 November 2019, EAL students from Years 7 to 9 had a wonderful excursion visiting the Big Rocking Horse at Gumeracha, Melba’s Chocolate Factory in Woodside, lunch at the Hahndorf Inn in Hahndorf and strawberry picking at Beerenberg Farm.

The first stop was The Big Rocking Horse. Students climbed up to the top and looked the surrounding environment. The Year 7s were particularly interested because they had done a unit on ‘Australia’s Big Things’ earlier in the year, and they were finally able to go to one of them. Then we went to the adjacent nature park. We had a very special experience walking in the park because the animals were roaming free and walking around with us.

Our second stop was Melba’s Chocolate Factory. There we saw the process of how chocolate factories make chocolates and saw all different sorts of chocolate. Many of us bought some chocolate to go back home to share with our family and friends.

Our next stop was the Hahndorf Inn located in Hahndorf where we finally got the opportunity to eat lunch. When the food arrived every student piled up their plate and started to dig in. We shared a German platter and had strudel for lunch. There was so much food! Next when the group of students and teachers were finished eating, we went straight out and hopped on the bus and drove to a strawberry farm called Beerenberg Farm. Next the students headed off and went strawberry picking. Some of the students focused on finding the largest and juiciest strawberries in the whole patch.

Overall the trip was loads of fun. We were lucky to be accompanied by our wonderful EAL teachers, Ms Brenton, Ms Wang and Mrs McCauley. The trip to the Big Rocking Horse, Melba’s Chocolate factory, Hahndorf Inn and Beerenberg Farm was definitely a highlight of the EAL program this year.

Daniel Nguyen (9 FLL) and Peter Zhang (9 FLL)