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School Captains IWD Video

Ms Norman’s Robotics classes took on a challenge to create a model either inspired by a woman in STEM or that represented the theme #InspireInclusion.

In the Junior School our student leaders researched and presented to peers in their House about a woman who inspires them specifically focusing on her character strengths.

Junior School Captain, Beau presented a poem on singer/songwriter Adele

In Tottenham’s streets, Adele was born,
Her voice, a wonder, yet she was torn.
Her family in shambles, yet she pushed on,
Until she was a teen, when came a new dawn.
From her humble start, her talent shone bright,
In music’s realm, she found her light.
Her voice a gift, like a soaring bird,
Soon she was on stages, waiting to be heard.
She wrote many songs, such as “Someone Like You”,
With most of them being top hits, the media began to review.
She soon went global, her album “25” having people’s interest teeming, Yet in all of her songs, every lyric had meaning.
Now, unlike some other artists, she wrote what she felt,
Every word was sincere, and she knew how to belt.
Yet in humility, she held her fame,
Never forgetting whence she came.
To me, she is really someone to look upon,
She never bathed in fame, yet always looked to a new dawn.
Even when times grew hard, she yet persisted,
Even when her humility was tested, she yet resisted.
Now as I conclude this poem,
It is only right that land it right back at her home.
Even though she may be travelling and living like a star,
Her childhood home has since been transformed into a bar!

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