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Former Australian Men’s Cricket Team assistant coach Jamie Siddons visited the Junior School last Friday to share his batting philosophy with our Junior School cricket community. He led sessions for the coaching staff, players and parents, which were well attended. Jamie’s philosophy is about teaching our young cricketers how to hit the ball with more power.

The idea is that if we can get our young players hitting with more power, they will have more success at a young age, enjoy the game more, and develop as cricketers more quickly. Parents play the biggest role in most cricketers’ development, and it was fantastic to see so many come along for their batting session.

Aligning our coaches, players and parents will be key to building a strong program that sees all of our players grow as cricketers and as people. We look forward to continually building on our new Junior Development Plan, which will help our players enjoy the game more, have more success, and become better cricketers and most importantly better people.

Jeremy Borgas
Head of Cricket