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At the Senior School Athletics Carnival, the Chinese Society set out to keep both students and staff active between events, promote intercultural understanding and at the same time help the environment. We achieved this through the popular Chinese game called Jianzi (毽子), which in English is called shuttlecock.

The aim of the game is simple: players aim to keep a shuttlecock in the air by using all parts of their body, except for their hands. In exchange for a recyclable bottle or gold coin donation, challengers would get the chance to earn their place on the leaderboard by juggling the shuttlecock as long as possible. The more recyclable bottles or coins that they had, the more turns they could have.

Students brought many recyclable bottles to enter and we ended up with four big bags of cans and bottles which could be recycled, in total over 1000. These were then taken to the Scout Recycling Centre for recycling which is great for the environment.

The event was for a great cause and the amount of people who participated and recycled the bottles really made this event successful. Congratulations to Will Tremaine (Year 9), Sam Cheatle (Year 7), Dyllan Nguyen (Year 9) and Josh Wilson (Year 9) for topping the leader board. Thanks also to the committee members who helped on the day and to Ms Qiu for her guidance and supervision, as well as Ms Wang and Ms Ziniak for helping on the day.

Will Fitzgerald (Year 8) and Chisomo Banzi (Year 12)