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This term, the Junior School had the pleasure of welcoming our 2019 Artist in Residence, Aboriginal artist and Yamatji Nyoongar woman, Sasha Hill. Sasha has been an artist for 15 years and shared her experience as an Aboriginal artist with us. Every boy in the Junior School has participated in the Artist in Resident program, from the ELC boys to Year 6.

Sasha shared many Aboriginal stories with the students and how stories are represented in artworks. Drawing from imagery and symbolism, boys developed their own stories and formed paintings; representing journeys, animals, hunting and community.

Sasha demonstrated her painting techniques and how these are incorporated onto canvas. Boys applied dot painting techniques to their canvases with skill and patience. They outlined their black painted imagery with white paint and immersing their backgrounds with clusters of colours. Our younger boys experienced the creation of artworks on canvas, exploring animals and colours. Our ELC boys transformed words into sculptures, capturing imagery from stories and manipulating clay into beautiful expressive sculptures.

Sasha’s calming nature allowed boys to create with ease and confidence. Teaching the significance of culture, language and preserving history, boys were immersed as Sasha shared her knowledge of Aboriginal culture. The Artist in Residence program this year has been a unique and valuable experience. It has enriched our learning and knowledge of Aboriginal Art and is an experience the boys will all remember and treasure.

We look forward to displaying and celebrating all of the artworks that our boys have created with Sasha, at the Junior School Artist in Residence Exhibition next term.