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Last week, the Junior School participated in one of the biggest highlights of the school calendar: Book Week. This year, the theme for Book Week was Reading is my Secret Power. The celebrations started on Monday, with the Book Week launch assembly showing the boys which books won the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year and the boys were excited to see if the books they voted for in our in-school jellybean voting won. The jellybean voting happened the week before, which is where boys vote for their favourite book by putting jellybeans in a jar. As well as this, the assembly featured performances from the Year 6 Rock Band and the 6M class dance item. Superman even made an appearance!

On Thursday, we had the Reception to Year 2 rotations, and then Friday was the main event, which, for some boys, is the highlight of the school year. I’m talking about the annual Book Week Parade. This is where the entire Junior School goes to school dressed up as their favourite character from a book. We even had the teachers dress up. We saw some of the best costumes from Alexis Prakash (Year 6), Tiger Wu (Year 4) and Harry Binns (Year 5). Mr Tim Browning, Headmaster even made an appearance, dressed up as a cricketer from the book Diary of a Cricket God. We all loved the moustache!

Book Week is a great event, and the idea that reading is a power encourages some questions. All of the boys created a poster with a picture of them, saying that reading is their power, and they had to come up with what power it is for them. For me, reading is my imaginative power, as it lets me imagine whole new worlds inside a book. What power do you get from reading? How do you feel while reading? Consider these questions the next time you pick up a good book. It is sometimes hard to forget how important reading can be.

Finally, the Saints Junior School Café will be opening soon. Parents can get a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate after dropping off or picking up their boys, with all proceeds going to the Hutt Street Centre. This will be hosted by some of the Year 6 boys and will be open every day before and after school.

Joey Fitzgerald (Year 6)
Junior School Vice Captain