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The Chinese Language Awards Night has been a fantastic way to reward and encourage our young children’s language learning achievements in South Australia for the last 16 years.  Every year, almost every primary school and high school in SA which has a Chinese program will join in this event.

The 2022 Chinese Language Awards Night was held by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of South Australia last Friday at Seymour College. Each school nominated one student in each of the three categories according to certain criteria.

Congratulations to Harry Steele (Year 6) who won the nomination in the category of the Second Language Learners. Congratulations to Charlie Baker (Year 6) who won the nomination in the category of the Background Language learners. Congratulations to Abiel Wong (Year 6) who won the nomination in the category of the First Language Learners.

Proudly, our Junior School had been invited to perform at the Awards Night again this year. Abiel Wong (Year 6) was invited to speak the Welcome of Country in Chinese along with other four students from other schools. Harry Steele (Year 6), Charlie Baker (Year 6) and Max Claessens (Year 3) performed a Chinese pop song “Fly Freely”. Their stunning performance became the highlight of the event and showcased the amazing learning we have had in Junior School. Mrs Taylor and Mr Storer were also invited to attend this event and present the awards to many winners on the stage.

It was a great opportunity for our boys to represent St Peter’s College Junior School and celebrate our learning with other students from other schools around South Australia.

Mrs Shelby Baker 
Chinese Teacher – Junior School