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Each week throughout winter the St Peter’s College Cross Country team consisting of students in Years 4 to 6 have competed against other schools in the InterSchool SAAS Cross Country Competition over a fast two kilometre course. It takes on average between seven to nine minutes to run the course, and to put that in perspective if the boys left at the start of recess they would be finished before the play bell rings!

Overall, the St Peter’s College team were awarded the Primary Boys Shield convincingly winning the competition. The second and third placed teams finished 321 and 327 points respectively behind us.

Some notable individual achievements from the season are:

  1. Jack Cornish (Year 6) two individual wins and a relay silver
  2. Matthew Harris (Year 6) – 4x top 5 finishes
  3. Andrew Lucas (Year 6) – 4x top 5 finishes and a relay silver
  4. James Hollington (Year 5) – 2x top 5 finishes and a relay silver

A highlight of the season was the teams relay hosted by Mercedes College. We entered five teams and came away with a second and a third placing. In third place was Isaac Campbell, Frank Maidment, Ziggy McKenna, and Isaac Downes. In second place was Andrew Lucas, Josh Nguygen, James Hollington and Jack Cornish.

Congratulations to the St Peter’s College Junior School cross country team.

Mrs Cordon, Mr Becker and Mr Earlam