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The boys in Year 5 have been working hard this term on their Junior Orator speeches. The Junior Orator is a public speaking competition held every year in Year 5. Each boy in the year level prepared a speech on a given topic. This year the topics were:

  • What characteristics make a modern day hero?
  • How can song lyrics influence our lives?
  • Sharks should be protected.
  • A place I would like to live.
  • Social media – a positive or negative influence in our lives?
  • From little things big things grow: How one person can make a difference on a current issue.
  • Why do we worship sport?
  • Adversity builds character.

The boys presented their speeches to their classmates and two finalists were chosen from each class. Congratulations to Matthew Harris (5B), Abhinav Anand (5B), Andrew Lucus (5L), Aarit Kothari (5L), Phillip Makooh (5P), Navinder Takhar (5P), Harrison McClurg (5Z) and Amit Bhat (5Z) for making it through to the final that was held on Tuesday morning of Week 8. The boys speeches were judged on content, voice, volume and expression, posture and eye contact and enthusiasm. All the boys should be very proud of their high quality speeches presented to judges Mr Browning, Mrs Taylor and Mr Gelsthorpe. This year the winner of the Year 5 Junior Orator was awarded to Navinder Takhar for his speech on the negative influence of social media on our lives.

Georga Pavy
Year 5 Coordinator