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This week we held our 2023 Junior School Art Exhibition. The exhibition was a celebration of the artworks that all the boys in the Junior School created with our Artist in Residence, Zinia King.

The exhibition included over 600 artworks, which created a visual forest of art. Displaying the artworks provided a beautiful example of the boys learning journey throughout the visual arts. Having Zinia teach the boys the art of illustration, created a visual display where skills were nurtured and developed, and where imagination and creativity were ignited as each boy’s artworks evolved.

The exhibition represented the joy and enthusiasm the boys have for art, and showcased their knowledge, and techniques in drawing animals, patterned details and watercolour washes, through Zinia’s guidance and expertise.

All the boys were proud to show their artworks and immerse themselves in art as they walked through the exhibition, along with parents, guests and classmates.  Our 2023 Art Captain, Tom Wallett, gave an inspiring speech to open the Art Exhibition, as he described his and the Junior school boys experience of working with Zinia as an incredibly memorable one.

Sally Houston
Junior School Art Teacher