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Artist in Residence, Sasha Hill with Sally Houston, Junior School Art teacher.

This week the Junior School celebrated the opening of its 2019 Artist in Residence Exhibition Journeys and Stories. The exhibition celebrated the artworks created with our 2019 artist-in-residence, Indigenous artist Sasha Hill. The exhibition represented a journey of learning the boys experienced and the Aboriginal-inspired stories and symbols represented to create the artworks.

Every boy in the Junior School, from the Early Learning Centre to Year 6, participated in the artist-in-resident program and every artwork was on display. Colour immersed the exhibition space, with the expansive walls of dot paintings creating a dramatic visual impact of student artwork. With over 600 artworks on display, the exhibition was an example of the inspiration in Sasha’s teaching.

Symbols of journeys, travels across the land, animals, hunting, resting places and waterholes represented a unity of togetherness, meeting and community. Reception boys displayed their artworks on canvas, exploring animals and colours. Our Early Learning Centre boys captured beautiful expressive sculptures in clay.

Congratulations to Jackson McNamara (Year 6), our 2019 Art Captain, who delivered an impressive speech to open the exhibition. Sasha’s speech reflected on her experience at the Junior School, reaffirming the significance of Aboriginal culture, language and preserving history.

Thank you to Mrs Stephanie Cabot, Mrs Ceri Slinger, Mr David Kolpak, Mrs Sheryl Yorston, Mrs Jasmine Taylor, Mrs Lisa Michelon, Mrs Hayley Burgess, Art assistants Mrs Angeline Kepler, Mrs Jenny Counihan and Mr Jason Hall for making the exhibition a wonderful success.

Sally Houston
Art Teacher