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The Junior School’s annual Winter House games was held on Thursday of Week 3. It was fantastic to see our boys from Years 3 to 6 competing for their Houses on the sporting fields. Winter House Games in the Junior School means that the boys can represent their House in one of the following sports: Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer and Table Tennis.

As is the tradition, the boys were placed in the sport that they represent SPSC in during the winter sports season. Those boys that didn’t have a winter sport were allocated Table Tennis. This is the first time that we have had Table Tennis as part of the program and all of the boys involved thoroughly enjoyed it. Our Year 3 boys were introduced to their first Winter House Games by either playing soccer or football.  

All of the boys are to be congratulated for their efforts throughout the day. Despite the fact that competition was fierce, with House pride on the line, high levels of sportsmanship was on display during each game,. 

The overall winner across the sports were as follows:

Basketball –Stokes-Ware  

Football – Alliston-Jones  

Hockey – Brooks 

Soccer – Stokes-Ware  

Table Tennis – Alliston-Jones  

I would like to thank the Junior School staff for their assistance with the supervising of events. I would also like to thank the Senior School boys who came out and umpired matches. It means a lot to the Junior School boys to have some of our school leaders give up their time to help them out. These boys did an outstanding job and without their assistance the day wouldn’t be able to run like it does. 

Jason Cosgrove 
Head of Junior School Sport and HPE