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Kick Start for Kids runs fun Holiday Camp programs for disadvantaged children to attend. The organisation aims to achieve positive educational outcomes and boost children’s self-esteem and confidence.  

During the Term 4 break, I was lucky enough to attend one of their camps along with students volunteering from St Peter’s College and other schools. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. The three-day camp was Christmas-themed as it was held in December. My role was to build connections with the kids attending based on trust by helping them with the day-to-day camp activities.  

Some activities included going to the movies to watch the popular film ‘Puss and Boots’ and making origami where I taught the kids to create paper bombs as well as claws. 

On my third day of the camp, I felt that I had gained enough trust with the kids I was supporting and we shared stories of what our schools are like. A story that stood out to me the most was from one girl who felt safe enough to tell me that she used to harm herself, and how she overcame it. I felt honoured that she was able to share such a personal and sensitive story with me.  

The camp ended with a surprise Christmas themed lunch with turkey, roast vegetables and juice. As we enjoyed lunch, donated Christmas presents were handed out to the kids who would otherwise likely not receive presents at Christmas time. At the end of the present opening, when I went home I reflected on the gratitude and smiles from the kids and felt like I made a small impact on their life.  

Kevin Dinh (YNG)
Year 11