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In the Senior School we use Education Perfect in our language lessons to drill vocabulary across all the skills. It is also used to practise grammar and learn about cultural aspects in the target language.

The Language World Championships took place at the start of March for a ten-day period. It was pleasing to see that many of our students engaged and excelled in this exciting language challenge. They completed fun multi-choice questions and translated language from spoken to written text and vice versa. Students that achieved 500+ points were awarded certificates and merits.

There were almost 3000 schools participating across the globe. SPSC placed fifth in South Australia out of 81 schools!

Special mention to William Carrigan (Year 9) (Emerald Award 5000+ points), Divith Kodali (Year 7) (Gold Award 3000 points), Sean Ran (Year 10) and Oscar Kleinig (Year 7) (Silver Award 2000+ points). Congratulations boys!

Look out for the South Australian Championships later in the year when we hope to break even more language records!

Rachel Spiby
Head of Languages