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Due to inclement weather the Annual Languages Soccer Cup was forced indoors to the Burchnall Sports Centre, where students from Years 7 to 12 played with pride and determination for their team. The teams and spectators were treated to a range of tightly contested and good quality matches. Below are some highlights from each match.

Junior Cup

China V France: 1-3

The first half of the match was very close, with neither team able to score, especially thanks to some incredible goalkeeping from France’s Lachlan Estcourt-Hughes (Year 9). Eventually, the goals came rolling in, with Kassra Noushabadi (Year 9) scoring first for France. Ethan Wadsworth (Year 8) brought it back for China with an incredible goal from halfway across the field before France pulled away to make it a 3-1 victory with goals to Will Donnelly (Year 9) and Henry Kane (Year 9).

Germany V UN: 4-3

The United Nations scored first with an incredible goal in the top corner, making it 2-0 with another good team goal soon after. Jon Long (Year 9) put everything on the line for Germany, unfortunately needing to go off injured early in the match. Germany began their comeback, scoring two quick goals to make it 2-2, before the UN got another to make it 2-3. Despite some great efforts from the UN keeper, Germany proved too strong, scoring another two goals, with James Tolis (Year 8) finishing it off with a goal in the bottom corner, leading to a 4-3 victory.

France V Germany: 2-0

An easy win for France, with some great team efforts such as a good string of passes leading to a goal to Will Donnelly (Year 9). France scored two goals to Germany’s zero thanks to some good goalkeeping and defensive acts, and they won 2-0.

China V UN: 1-1

A match that was a thrill to watch from start to finish, it started with Ethan Wadsworth (Year 8) kicking a miracle goal from the halfway line. Towards the end, the UN were able to level the scores with a good team goal from a skilful cross, and the match ended in a draw.

France V UN: 2-1

It wasn’t looking good for France after Will Howard (Year 8) scored a goal for the United Nations, until they were able to score two goals towards the end of the match, finishing with Henry Kane (Year 9) getting it past the keeper to win the match. Despite this, the win did not count for France, as they had too many players on the field at one point, meaning the UN came away with the points.

Germany V China: 2-0 (MVPs Ethan Wadsworth and Louis Brook)

In the final match of the day, Germany knew they were still in with a chance at winning it all, while team China were aiming to cement a higher finishing position. In the end, Germany came out victorious, winning 2-0 to put them equal on points with France.

Once the points were tallied, Germany and France both finished on 6 points (2 wins) each. A winner needed to be determined based on goal difference, and so the scores were added up. France was determined the overall winners of the day, breaking Germany’s streak of winning the Junior Cup three years in a row!

Junior Cup report by Joey Fitzgerald (Year 9).

Senior Cup

The Senior Cup was won by the United Nations, and it was a true delight to see the team victorious for first time in the Cup’s history. The captain for the Senior UN team, Branson Inns (Year 12), named Marcus Ooi (Year 12) MVP, for scoring three crucial goals and demonstrating consistent skill throughout the competition. Also, special mention goes to Charlie Wells (Year 12) and Stewart Anderson (Year 12) in the position as goalkeeper, both making important saves. Other notable efforts came from Jordan Lau (Year 10), scoring the most goals for China and Oscar Wenk (Year 9) in goals.

A big thank you to Ms Castrechini-Sutton and Ms McCauley for organising the French and German Societies to provide Berliners and drinks.

Another big thank you to all the participants, referees, spectators, and staff for joining us for the Languages Soccer Cup. We are grateful for the support and organisation of our wonderful PE staff, Mr Inman and Mr French. We couldn’t run this event without you!

Rachel Spiby
Head of Languages