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Miller Library has been running a series of challenges from patterns, logical questions and visual riddles, to mathematics equations, literary brain teasers, and wordplay conundrums. Each question was assigned a point value based on difficulty with the goal of completing the most questions correctly to gain the highest number of points. The vast range of questions presented, over 90 in total, were selected to target different types of thinkers… some students thrived with visual puzzles whilst others excelled in logical ones.

It was wonderful seeing the collaboration among students in their determination to try and solve the complex questions. It was also great helping the students interact with the library resources and learn resource-searching skills.

Miller Library is pleased to announce the following winners (pictured below):

First place: Alexander Piscioneri (Year 8)
Second place: William Roger (Year 7)
Third place: Andrzej Czechowicz (Year 11)

On Thursday 10 June, the top 20 students were treated to a pizza lunch for their efforts. Alexander, William and Andrzej were presented with a 3D puzzle for their impressive achievements.

This event has demonstrated the exceptional abilities of the boys and we look forward to running similar events in the future. The overall enthusiasm, brainpower and combined acumen highlight the students’ cleverness and propensity for working together to learn new skills.

Katherine Hicks
Head of Library Services