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The School’s values of truth, respect and service are evident in the daily routines and rituals of the Early Years at St Peter’s College. Educators use implicit and explicit moments of teaching to familiarise the boys with what it means to participate in a community with truth, respect and service.

We have been exploring the concept of service by meeting local heroes. We understand the word heroes as people that help others. Steve, who is on the grounds team here at St Peter’s College, started us off by introducing the boys to the machines that help him take care of the School. Ninni our catering assistant, who helps make sure we receive delicious and nutritious meals showed the boys in the Mulberry Room how to cut and prepare vegetables. Julie Cobain, our Administrative Assistant, shared with the Mulberry Room her experience as a Nurse. Senior Constable Bridgette brought her police car along to share the message that Police officers are here to help people.

We invite any member of our St Peter’s College community that would like to share their experience of service with the boys into the ELC.

Whilst the notion of Pro Deo et Patria is grand it is from these everyday acts of service that our youngest boys will develop a concrete understanding of the value in helping others. You cannot know something until you have experienced it and every boy in our ELC knows that warm and generative feeling that comes from receiving help from someone, whether that be planting new plants in the ELC for us to enjoy, making us lunch, applying a band-aide or keeping our community safe. It is from these moments that they will build their own desire to help others and from little heros big ones grow!

Holly Baulderstone
Head of Early Years