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On ‘May the Fourth be with you’, the Junior School Function space, became a hive of activity as we hosted a Luminary Lunch. The mastermind and organiser of the event is a leading Adelaide literacy consultant, Tracey Grice. This is the third year we have partnered with Tracey to deliver this event.

Students from Wilderness, Immanuel, Concordia, St Mary’s, Seymour, St Peter’s Girls, Pulteney and of course St Peter’s College gathered to enjoy lunch with an author or illustrator.  As part of the experience students dressed in costumes related to the creators’ books and decorate their table. It was almost like being at a cosplay event.  Prizes were awarded for best costume – awarded to St Mary’s College and best table decorations – awarded to Seymour College.  

It was delightful seeing so many students engaging on an informal level with creators. There were so many rich conversations about book creation, story ideas, writing, illustrating and what inspires us to create. I am sure that these conversations will make a lasting impression on the students and I cannot wait to see the creative works by this generation in the coming years.

There was an amazing cast of talented South Australian authors who gave up their time to work with our learning communities. We would like to thank the following creators who inspired our learners: Mandy Foot, Danny Snell, Janeen Brian, Adam Cece, Kristin Weidenbach, Marianne Musgrove, Sally Heinrich, Phil Cummings, Vaughan Duck and Jane Jolly.

Please enjoy the photos of the Year 6 St Peter’s College students at the event as they chatted and engaged with author Phil Cummings and illustrator Vaughan Duck.

Alison Winter and Sue Dansie
Junior School Teacher-Librarians