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The Author-in-Residence program in the Junior School has kicked off with a blast of fun for our Year 1s. In Week 3, Luth Wolff presented an interactive session that promoted healthy habits and an active lifestyle. Luth set up in the Junior School Hall with a wide range of striped circus equipment which set the scene for an enjoyable hour after lunch.

The boys were captivated by her circus tricks and were eager to be involved. Oscar (pictured below) was chosen to perform a trick with Luth, and the remainder of the boys took part with lots of laughter and enthusiasm.

Boys in Early Learning Centre, Year 2 and 3, met Indigenous performer Boori Pryor last week in Higgins Hall. Boori shared an hour with the classes that was filled with stories, music and movement. Year 2 and 3 boys participated in a story about the striped bee, when it was introduced to Australia, and its effect on Indigenous people.

The story is based on Boori’s book Shake a Leg which he wrote with Jan Ormerod and is available in the Junior School Library.

ELC boys delighted in the music from the tapping sticks and Boori’s didgeridoo, as well as learning about the story of the crocodile in the swamp.

Sue Dansie, Teacher-Librarian