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In Year 3 we have been enjoying reading our class novel, George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. The language used in the book has allowed us to experiment and play with words, enriching the vocabulary in our own writing. We have made up our own similes, brainstormed numerous WOW words, discovered ‘fantabulous’ portmanteaus and frolicked around with rhyme. Our classroom has been as busy as beavers reengineering the landscape!

In STEM we decided we need to create our own marvellous medicines with a vast array of exciting ingredients. We poured, measured, tipped, gurgled, fizzed, popped, bubbled, spilt, stirred and created the most extraordinary concoctions. Many of our marvellous scientists claimed the day was as fun as Christmas morning!

Every medicine syrup was different and designed for a variety of purposes from exploding things, shrinking brains into peas, making super-fast runners to blasting people into space. It was a great way for our students to exercise and flex their imaginations.

Disclosure: No humans or animals were harmed in this process! The joy the boys had during this time was truly wonderful to witness. The early making of our future scientists.

Emily Rogers
Year 3 Coordinator