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Location: Big School Room, St Peter’s College
Date: Thursday 25 July
Time: 6:00pm
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Explode your mind with Exploding Dots
Exploding dots is truly a global phenomenon in mathematics!  Over 5 million people (from students to educators, math enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts) from over 170 countries and territories across the planet are united by the stunning wonder of a common piece of school mathematics. It’s the story of Exploding Dots.

See the school mathematics you thought you already knew, in an astounding new light. Witness curriculum mathematics as a portal to human joy, wonder, and awe.

Parents and students together are encouraged to attend this evening for a wonderful mathematical presentation which will be both enjoyable and enlightening.

Who is Dr James Tanton?
Dr James Tanton (PhD, Princeton 1994, mathematics) is an ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America in Washington D.C., and currently serving as their Mathematician-at-Large. James is committed to promoting effective and joyful mathematics thinking, learning, at all levels of education.