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Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO)
This four-hour examination is open to talented students up to Year 10. It is appropriate for high achievers in the Australian Mathematics Competition and students who have acquired knowledge of Olympiad problem solving. Students work on their own and may not use calculators, electronic devices or other aids.

The AIMO is one of the competitions used to determine which students are selected to a number of invitation only events, including other mathematics competitions and training schools. It gives talented students an opportunity to be recognised and to participate in activities which will enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of mathematics.

This year,17 boys from Years 7 to 10 accepted the invitation to sit the AIMO. Shreyans Sinhal (Year 10) and Nicholas Koh (Year 8) were awarded distinctions, and credits were awarded to Xianyi Dai (Year 10), Xander Grice (Year 8), Shiva Mukherjee (Year 10), David Wang (Year 10), Zihao Wu (Year 9) and Derek Yang (Year 8).

Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee (AIOC) School of Excellence
Angus Ritossa (Year 11) has again been invited to be a member of this year’s AIOC School of Excellence. The school will be held at Burgmann College, Australian National University, Canberra, from 1 – 11 December 2018. The principal purpose of the School will be to help identify and develop the skills of students who may become members of the Australian Team to compete at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2019. We wish Angus all the very best as he attends the School of Excellence.

Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee Senior Contest
Angus Ritossa (Year 11) was also selected by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee (AMOC) to sit this year’s Senior Contest. This four-hour senior examination is the first of AMOC’s national mathematics contests. Typically, up to 100 students (generally Year 10 or 11 but sometimes younger students showing great potential) are invited to enter.

As Angus spends much of his spare time in informatics pursuits, he did not prepare for the contest as much as he might have liked but was nonetheless successful in being awarded a Bronze Certificate!

Adelaide Australian Night of Mathematics
On the evening of Thursday 1 November, a number of high achieving students from around South Australia gathered at Westminster School to have their achievements in the Australian Mathematics Competition publicly recognised. They heard a most informative and entertaining presentation from Professor Finnur Lárusson, a pure mathematician from the University of Adelaide.

Congratulations to Darren Nguyen (Year 7) who won the Best in School Award,  Nicholas Koh (Year 8) and Zihao Wu (Year 9) who won the Best in State Award for their respective years, and also to Leon Xie (Year 9) for his exceptional performance.

Alex Smith
Maths@Saints Coordinator